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Businesses Sold

Horne's Restaurant PicAdvantage Business Advisors Announces Sale of T.J. Morse, Inc. Trading as Hornes Restaurant and Gift Shop

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Advantage Business Advisors Announces Sale of Roberts Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

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What We Do

We work with business owners to meet their personal, professional and financial objectives through creating and capturing value in their businesses. Growth in value is not a given — we ensure clients will capture value by developing a strategy and operational plan.

Value is created in two steps. First establish the value today. Then prepare and execute a plan to optimize the future value based on the client’s exit strategy. Value is then captured through sale, merger or acquisition, through succession or through dissolution via an orderly sale of assets. We serve clients, not faceless corporate entities. We serve the people entrusted with the responsibility for these businesses and the people affected by the decisions that will be made.

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