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Advantage Business Advisors, Inc.

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Telephone: 540-371-7640 – E-mail: jscott@advantageba.com
[/span6] [span6] Proudly based in historic downtown Fredericksburg, VA, the team at Advantage Business Advisors, Inc. has been serving the community since 1979.

Jeffrey R. Scott, President and Visionary behind Advantage Business Advisors, Inc is a lifetime member of the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce; serves as the Chairperson for the Fredericksburg Main Street Initiative and an active member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

As a serial entrepreneur, Jeffrey has owned multiple businesses since a very young age, beginning in the donut industry with several stores throughout the State of Virginia. As a native of Fredericksburg, Jeffrey has a special passion for the city, it’s community and development which permeates his personal life, contributions to the community, and all his work.

Advantage Business Advisors, Inc. is based out of a building in historic downtown Fredericksburg Princess Anne Street dating back to the Civil War.

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Our Company Foundation

We constantly are striving to earn our clients’ trust as their most valuable business advisory resource. We aim to be the premier advisor to business owners, dedicated to helping them achieve their business dreams.

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Advantage Business Advisors since 1979
Your Advantage is Our Experience
Our Experience makes your tough decisions easier

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Our Advantage Business Values

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This is how we walk the talk of our timeless values. These are the principles through which every business decision is made at Advantage Business Advisors, Inc. Please inform us if you believe we have failed to honor this guarantee in some way and we will do our best to make it right.

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Strict Confidentiality

We establish with you at the very beginning the rules of engagement regarding the sharing of information and you approve all marketing materials and communications.
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Uncompromising honesty and integrity

We are committed to truthfulness and making all the truth known. Integrity means that we are the same when no one is watching as we are face-to-face. We demand this of ourselves, and expect this from those we work with.

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Professional staff

A profession is an occupation requiring advanced study in a specialized field. A professional has completed this study and has demonstrated competence. We are degreed and experienced professionals in all of the services that we provide, and are pleased to refer or consult with professionals in other fields as the business situation may require.

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Fair and consistent pricing

Our business pricing policy is based on the biblical principle of equal weights and measures. This means we charge all of our clients the same fees based on an objective set of criteria. No one has to negotiate to get this rate, nor is anyone able to negotiate a different rate.

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Passion, Energy & Communication

Helping people build and capture the financial value of their business is what we do … and we love it! It gives us great satisfaction to be of service. We know only one speed and you won’t be waiting for us once we’re engaged, and you won’t be wondering what’s going on either.

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Care & Concern for the Interests of All

We don’t just care about our own interests, or even just about our client’s interests, but we sincerely care about all stakeholders in the business. This principle guides every business decision that we make.

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Tenacious execution of recommended solutions

Honesty, integrity, professionalism, fairness, consistency, care and concern are not passive values, they are not for the fainthearted – they require bold action and results even when things are tough, especially when things are tough. Once we are convinced that a course of action is in the best interests of all (we call that “cracking the case”) then look out because we have a bias for action and tenacity for results!
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Biblically-based decision making

As Christian business people, we are committed to making biblically-based business decisions and helping others do the same. We believe that these timeless truths are relevant today and always produce the best long-term results. Visit our Bible Studies Page Here.

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Business Memberships and Credentials

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