Advantage Business Advisors, Inc. provides In House Professional Business Appraisals, Independent Appraisals, consulting and litigation support.

To provide a professional appraisal of value, we are required by our certifying organization to perform a detailed analysis and study of your company, your industry and the markets you operate in.

Both internal and external factors that influence value of the company will be reviewed, analyzed and interpreted. Internal factors include, among other things: your company’s financial position, results of operations as well as the size and marketability of the interest being valued. External factors include, among other things: the status of the industry and the position of your company relative to your industry.

To enable us to issue a formal valuation opinion, we will analyze financial statements, financial information and other data obtained from management. We also visit the company, interview management, research the company’s industry (customers and competitors), search for guideline companies and perform other procedures necessary and appropriate to render an opinion regarding the value of the company in accordance with the appropriate standard of value. We provide you with a Written Appraisal Report based upon our analysis.