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Businesses for Sale

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Welcome to Advantage Business Advisors, Inc.

Everything we do stems from a core of timeless business values. The way business is done has changed in the past decades. Still, some things should never change. We value honesty, we keep our word, and we believe business should be done out of a genuine concern for the interests of our clients.

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We are glad you stopped by to find out more information about how we can help you and your business!
Our business is helping you to either – Buy a Business – or – Sell a Business!
We have the connections that you need to make smart decisions.

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We have actively served business owners for nearly 40 years.

We can not count the number of times a business owner has shared their deepest business regrets.

We want to ensure our future clients benefit from this hard-earned experience.

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I regret that I didn’t know the market value of my business until it was too late to do anything about it …it would have been the smart thing to do…

I regret that I didn’t insist on a partnership agreement now that I want to get out …or buy my partner out…

I regret that I never paid any attention to how my business fits into my overall financial and estate plan…what a waste of hard earned money…

I regret that I assumed all along my son would take over the business and never really evaluated whether he should or could …now he has moved on…

I regret that I always thought I could sell my business and retire and never stopped to find out how to make it salable and valuable to someone else, and now all I can do is close it …or sell for less than I need…or keep working 5 to 10 more years…

I regret that my husband didn’t plan ahead and now he’s gone and I’m left with this business and I do not have a clue…and now things are a real mess…

I regret that I didn’t get started on an exit plan years ago – I would definitely have had more options …less pain…and I would have maximized my value…instead of settling for so little…

I regret HAVE NO REGRETS…BVAL3sm is the regret preventer…Do not put it off…

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